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Aces Mission Statement

08/23/2018, 1:45pm PDT
By Aces Baseball Club

Aces Baseball Club is a competitive, affordable, and unified organization seeking to develop driven and passionate players to excel on the field, in the classroom, and to grow in character. We value a fun atmosphere with team and family chemistry that keeps everyone engaged in the game.

We believe a coaches' influence surpasses the ball field. Aces selects dedicated, passionate, knowledgeable, decisive men to lead by example and serve as a positive role model. We value the unique coach-player bond and structure training so that all players within the organization will have access to and training from all coaches. We believe this method provides the maximum instruction, repititions, inter-club cohesion, and unified approach.

We value the education and competitive spirit that comes from training in a mixed age group setting, and would like to challenge players through opportunities to play above their age level.

We emphasize academic priorities to keep kids eligible for high school and college. We aim to promote players through showcase tournaments, player film, and field level, in addition to educating players and parents on how to stay visible and on track for college recruitment.

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