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Aces Team Philosophy

08/23/2018, 10:45am PDT
By Aces Baseball Club

Aces Baseball Club has a slightly different take on team and coaching structure then many other select organizations. First, Aces has selected core coaches who will be present at all practices and games. All players will have the opportunity to come to know and interact with the respective coaches. We believe that in doing this, players have access to more insight and instruction, and build solid player-coach relationships to last their subsequent seasons with the Aces. In addition, coaches have a comprehensive knowledge of player skills, potential, and work ethic and can recommend opportunities to play above their age level.

Secondly, the Aces program is designed to put players in more mixed age group settings. Training kids in this fashion will improve bonding and team chemistry throughout the organization, will challange kids skills and strength, foster healthy competition, and will allow players opportunities to earn promotion to play at higher age levels.

As in the minor leagues, players may be promoted up to play at a higher age level per coach reccomendation. Teams will also be scheduled for at least one higher level tournament. Promotion in this way offers an opportunity to continually develop our athletes, while keeping in perspective the demands of the next level.

Lastly, Aces baseball club wishes to help players at all age levels achieve the goal of college play if desired. Parents will be encouraged to participate during games by filming at bats and key fielding opportunities to supplement practice film collected by coaches. In addition, The coaching staff use the online recruiting tool to promote players by increasing visibility to college coaches. Starting as early as 14 gives colleges the ability to see growth and growth potential for kids. Interaction with college coaches will happen. Aces Baseball club wants our players to be prepared to ask questions to find the school with the right athletic, scholastic, and financial fit for them. These classroom practices will include video chats and or conference calls with regional college coaches. Lastly, coaches will be asking your child about GPA's and test scores to keep them on track as we want to promote student athletes.

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